In order to maintain and also enlarge the refuge, we, like all other animal sanctuaries desperately seek support. 

Money is needed to: 
1. Build another field shelter and hay store. The existing constructions cost nearly 3000.00 euros. 
2. Buy fencing material to enclose another field securely. 
3. Buy straw - a small bale costs between 2.00 and 2.50 euros not delivered. At present 2 a day are used.
4. Buy hay - a large hay roll 280 kilos costs 25.00 euros not delivered. In winter 1 roll will feed 2 animals for about 2 months.
5. Pay for hay nets, head collars, water container, vermifuge, vaccination etc. 
6. The veterinary charge for castration including deplacement is in the region of 155.00 euros. 
7. The veterinary charge for inserting an electronic micro-chip for I.D. is over 50.00 euros. 
8. Farriers fees (these do vary considerably) twice a year per animal. 
9. Buy an animal out of its misery. As I explained earlier, most unwanted donkeys are often abandonned, because of the cost of their upkeep. Neglected completely and kept in appalling conditions. Or rather than giving the poor animal a second chance by giving it to a refuge or to caring family, are simply sold to the abbattoir. Here again, prices vary enormously, but is upward of 200 euros. 




The above list is by no means complete, but will serve to give you a rough idea of the costs incurred. I do not ask or expect anyone to donate a fortune (although that would be nice).
Just bear in mind that only a few euro from a lot of people would ensure full tummies, warm beds and Happy Donkeys


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to visit the site and read about us

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