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The 02 May 2011, by Gigi
an excellent website for an excellent cause,
dedicated to looking after abandonned or ill treated donkeys !
good luck with your venture and continue the good work. Kiss

The August 15, 2011, by La frite ! 
hello, I understand that Sultan and George are very well mannered! They are HAPPY! kiss from us4

The February 04,
2012 by violet Vezien
Hello I wanted to tell you how great it was to save donkeys with you they will have a better life they will be happy congratulations =)

The September 02, 2012, by ADAMOWITZ 
Thank you for what you do for our friends the donkeys as much now they suffer the wickedness of humans and their selfishness. I am in the Paris region but we will settle in haute savoie, and many are in the meadows there, what a joy to meet.

The September 09, 2012, by Annette 
Hello, your Donkey Sanctuary is excellent and the 3 donkeys have an excellent, safe and warm home. To all this websites visitors, please donate generously to this cause. Hopefully see you all next year xxx




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